Heron colony flourishes at Commodore Park

The heron colony at Commodore Park has been more active this year, with a total of 59 nests high in the trees next to the Ballard Locks.

Marla Master with the Heron Habitat Helpers tells My Ballard that there are 10 more nests this year than last. “We believe less people and noise around the colony and Ballard Locks are helping wildlife flourish,” Master says.

So far, 55 chicks have hatched, but some nests are still incubating and a few of the chicks are still too small to see over the nests.

To keep updated on the colony, follow Heron Habitat Helpers on Facebook for photos and information.

Photo by Beth Shepherd Photography

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Great shot, so cool to see them close-up like that. Thanks for sharing Beth!

Pork Pie
Pork Pie

Don’t tell Cap Anson these birds shit on the sidewalk. He’ll call them hobos!