6-story senior housing planned for west end of NW Market St

Another senior housing community is in the works for Ballard, this time for the west end of Market St (2501 NW Market St).

According to the Seattle DJC, Living Care Lifestyles plans to turn the vacant lot on the corner of 26th Ave NW and NW Market St into a six-story, 110-unit senior housing community. The seller is Pacific Fisherman Inc., and the listing price was $5.5 million.

The lot has been something of a catch-all for the boatyard across the street; a line of hedges mostly hides it from view from the sidewalk NW Market St.

Living Care Lifestyles is a Washington-based senior living provider with three locations in Washington, three in California, two in Arizona, and one in Texas.

This is the second senior housing community currently being planned for NW Market St; the other is being developed by Aegis Living at the other end of Market on the corner of 11th Ave NW.

The terms and a closing date for the 2501 NW Market St property haven’t yet been announced, but we’ll update when learn more.

Photos courtesy Lauren Hendricks | Windermere Real Estate Midtown

36 thoughts to “6-story senior housing planned for west end of NW Market St”

  1. Seems like an excessively expensive spot to put an old folks home. But I suppose there are plenty of people willing to pay so who am I to say otherwise.

    1. A solid return on investment to keep a company with good union jobs secure? Seems like we could all agree that’s a good thing, Andrew.

      1. They have been providing those jobs since 1946. Your not old enough to even discuss the subject. I think i hear your iPhone calling you.

    2. Do you think Andrew has ever worked with his hands a day in his life? Besides choking the chicken everyday that is.

      1. Wow, you really sound like a serious creep. Please for the sake of everyone around you, seek out a mental health professional and get yourself some help, you need it if you think that comment was a good idea.

        1. The young are filthy and carry disease. We need to hermetically seal the old in biodegradable and pandemic safe baggies with protein drips so they can live to 200.

          1. Thats SEALED, i share “some” of your disdain but “baggies” that’s to much.
            It would help if the iPhone wasn’t ALWAYS in the hand or face. Are you”really” that important? NO! your Facebook friends actually aren’t. So go get a GROWLER
            and order some Thai take out.

          2. I’m getting up there myself. Years of being spoon fed and ass wiped. No thanks.

            I think I would prefer a medically induced covid coma. Doesn’t sound so bad. I hope I am that lucky. They can induce me after my last panang and pilsner.

            You should have said ‘essential workers’ Matt. This is the correct application of dogma.

      1. I’m not speaking for the elderly, I’m stating the obvious that every building dedicated to retired folks is one less building that could be used for people who work in the area and need to live nearby. That puts more pressure on the housing market, driving up rent and home prices, and forcing many out of the area to cheaper towns (and longer commutes). Let’s build retirement centers outside the city.

        1. So older folks who’ve lived here all their lives, who have their favorite shopkeeper, pharmacist, doctor, whatever, can lose that sense of community at the end of their lives? Are you even thinking before you write?

          1. I’ve lived here a long time. Barely anything is the same. When I go out, I find that I am one of the very few older people still going out. (I’m not a senior yet, but usually the oldest guy in the bar.)

            A majority of seniors don’t seem to be doing much around here anymore. The rat race isn’t so fun when you are old. And so, while I think the sensitivity is admirable, the reality does not appear to justify this position. It’s easy enough to come back to town once a month for Larsens, or whatever.

            The young are being asked to sacrifice a lot for us old graybeard codgers these days. I think it’s only fair to let them have a reasonable chance at a good life. Besides, why not have a fun new chapter in a cheaper place without the big city problems?

          2. I am 71, what are the young sacrificing for me?
            I served overseas in the Army in the 60’s what are the young sacrificing for me?
            I payed a lifetime of taxes, what are the young sacrificing for me?

            “A majority of seniors don’t seem to be doing much around here”
            Like you? hang out in a Bar. Most of us have moved on from that.
            I think the term is been there done that.

          3. i get it, if one doesn’t agree with you they are a “shitty person”
            I wear that badge proudly, thank you

          4. Well terryj, I am not young, but I will answer the rhetorical question. Are you aware of what they are saying about millenials vs. baby boomers?



            To top it all off, we have just incurred the largest debt in the history of our society. Who do you think will pay this down?

            This was all justified as a humanitarian sacrifice aimed primarily at saving your generation.

            Yes “been there, done that.” Exactly my point.

            Have you been downtown lately terryj? I guess you could say that it’s only about racism, but I’m not so sure…

            This is not what I would have chosen. My preference would be to live small and sustainably in communities of young and old. But that’s not where we are now.

          5. I’m not talking about you individually. I’m happy you are here still holding on with me. I don’t hold you responsible for history’s mistakes either, but the slope is looking slippery. They might stop calling it Washington soon since he was a slave owner.

            Regardless, it’s still a nice view across the sound. But also, it’s not the same. I’ve decided that I won’t be Edith Macefield. Just go on down to NW 46th street if you want to see what that future looks like.

          6. Ok thanks myballard. Thanks for the therapy. It was useful. You will be happy to learn I’m leaving forever. It’s not you. It’s me, and why I’m not on fb either. You can now go back to report on duck families and selling ass wipes. haha

          7. Oh puulllleeezzzeee. WTF are the young sacrificing? They don’t know what they don’t know yet. Tell us all here about the things given up by millennials…….I’ll wait. Do they know what FICA is? ” A majority of seniors don’t seem to be doing much around here”. Really pal? Did you interview each 1 then? Perhaps they’ve EARNED their things/lifestyles? All without asking you. But alas, many will begin to move out. 20% of Minneapolis residents are, after the latest riots. The REAL questions is: who/what will be left here.

        2. “I’m not speaking for the elderly”
          “The retired can live anywhere as they aren’t tied to a commute.”
          They ARE tied to the Grocery store, the pharmacist theor Dr. matt. do they “beam” themselves into Safeway matt? or do they take the Bus? I know, i take the Bus, i am elderly. Ballard has a good bus system

          The sign above the door said “if you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said.” cheers Matt

    1. Tech management need to be able to wave at dad through the window once a week. The essential workers are young and can commute on public transit, when it’s running.

      Because a life of toiling is obviously the righteous and necessary sacrifice we need to make for an extra few months of apple sauce and ass wiping…

      1. goaheaddownvoteme – I can only hope that when, or if, you reach old age and are in the “apple sauce and ass wiping” situation, you remember your posts on this web site.

  2. The west end of Market Street is somewhere west of 34th Avenue NW. The east end of Market is not at 11th; it’s uphill past 3rd NW.
    So obviously there’s a typo somewhere in the story but who knows which?

  3. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if before people posted here they asked themselves : Is this helpful? Is it informed? If not please post if somewhere else.

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