City extends COVID-19 closures and relief policies

The City of Seattle has extended many of its COVID-19 closures and relief policies, which includes parking lot closures at popular city parks and eviction moratoriums.

Mayor Jenny Durkan announced the extension today, which impacts a number of closures, changes, and relief policies. According to a city statement, the Executive Order follows King County’s application to be in Phase Two of the Governor’s Safe Start Washington plan, which allows some businesses and activities to resume under strict public health guidance. However, the City notes that Phase Two still bans almost all gatherings.

“Right now, our city and country are facing the crises of a nationwide civil rights movement to reckon with police violence and systemic racism, a global COVID-19 pandemic, and job losses and economic devastation not seen since the Great Depression,” Mayor Durkan said in a statement. “In Seattle, even as communities protest, heal, and work to find a path forward together, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and job losses cannot be ignored. At the City, we’re extending our relief policies to make sure our communities have the support they need during this truly unprecedented moment in history for our City.”

Here’s a rundown of which relief policies have been extended:

  • The moratorium on nonprofit, residential, and small business evictions has been extended through August 1, 2020. Tenants who receive any eviction notice during the moratorium should contact the Renting in Seattle hotline at 206‐684‐5700 or go online to submit a complaint.
  • Rent relief policies for City tenants extended through July 31, 2020. For nonprofit organizations and renters with artist studio licenses, the relief is in the form of rent forgiveness. Businesses’ rent will be deferred.
  • Temporary parking and/or loading zones for restaurants, health care and human services workers, and retail stores are extended until further notice.
  • Flexible payment plans and shutoff policies with Seattle City Light and Seattle Public Utilities are extended until further notice.
  • The City’s small business, arts and nonprofit, food access, and housing and homelessness COVID-19 relief programs are extended until further notice.
  • The Utility Discount Program Self-Certification Pilot Program is extended until July 31, 2020.

The City has also extended the following:

  • The ban on permitted events, with the exception of farmers markets, is extended until June 30, 2020,
  • Enforcement of paid parking requirements on City streets; select hourly parking time limits outside of no-parking or special zones; and the 72-hour rule is suspended until further notice.
  • Booting vehicles with unpaid parking tickets is suspended until further notice.

The following City facility closures are extended by the Mayor’s Executive Order:

  • All Seattle Public Library (SPL) locations are closed through June 30, 2020, however, restroom access and several SPL locations will remain open and the City is evaluating curbside library services.
  • Seattle Public Utilities’ (SPU) Cedar River Watershed Education Center and Rattlesnake Ledge Trail will remain closed through June 30, 2020.
  • In-person access to all City departments’ public-facing customer service counters will remain closed through June 30, 2020, with digital and telephonic access still available. The Seattle Animal Shelter in March launched a new appointment-based adoption system that enables animals to still find forever homes even while the shelter’s counters are closed. 
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation facilities, such as community centers, pools, environmental learning centers, and select parking lots serving the City’s largest parks are closed until further notice.

If King County is approved for Phase Two, Seattle Parks will begin to reopen facilities and activities, including outdoor youth sports and adult recreational sports.

For more information, visit the City’s COVID-19 resource website.

Photo: Golden Gardens park | Jenny King

18 thoughts to “City extends COVID-19 closures and relief policies”

  1. The good news is if your politics are a-ok, you are immune to corona virus!

    Welcome to “The BAZ”, the Ballard Autonomous Zone!

    Be sure to bring a bucket to sh*t in and your iPhone to text mom and dad so they can Venmo money.

    The Baz, where all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

      1. No dating allowed in The BAZ™. “Dating” is oppressive, colonialist-imposed heteronormativity and therefore, fascist.

        In The Baz™, where all animals are equal – but some animals are more equal than others – only sniffing each others’ back ends to search for the correct political positions is allowed.

          1. Oh puh-lease, The Baz™ ( where all animals are equal – but some animals are more equal than others) is a safe space, no one is ever triggered! Until the sun goes down that is. Then we suggest you sleep with a knife under your pillow because our newly appointed police chief is, well, a bit of a pu$$y.

      2. Stop by my house, see my Trump signs, and we will all witness real and true triggering. I had to stop putting flower pots and things out, due to theft + destruction of things. Tolerance and inclusion are nice words though.

      1. Congratulations, your amazing detective skills have earned you a position as “police chief” in The Baz™, where all animals are equal – but some animals are more equal than others!

        1. No sleuthing needed, your comments stick out like a fungus infected plantar wart!

          I’m just amazed at how you have enough time to stalk Dan Strauss AND sockpuppet troll 24/7 across neighborhood blogs! Truly a stable genius1

    1. B.I.Z. = Ballard Insanity Zone. Where anything goes, as long as you say and do all the correct things. Our local science gal, Durkan, says “protests are OK with her, just don’t go to the park with your kids”. I’m just waiting for some adults to show up and run things.

  2. Remember, in The Baz™, our leaders are picked by how well their wives trim their bushes, and whether having beards helps us look more manly despite drinking fruit infused IPAs. While we have no warlords, we have plenty of “leaders” who will frown at you if you cut a traffic circle on the left while turning. Instead of snapping fingers at evening assemblies, we gather on Next-door and wag fingers at people who don’t park their Subarus correctly and complain about people driving pickup trucks with gun racks as we fly to Costa Rica for an eco-friendly vacation.

  3. What law is the Mayor operating under? Has there been a secret meeting of the legislature in Olympia? Has there been an Amendment to our State Constitution that they are keeping secret?

    “the City notes that Phase Two still bans almost all gatherings.”
    We need better guidelines as to what political positions we need to take in order to be allowed to gather. Otherwise they could simply just decide on he spot whether your gathering is legal or illegal. If partisanship is the deciding factor it would be nice to learn the official party position.

    1. State guidelines are a minimum. State is allowing local jurisdictions to enact stricter guidelines as they stay fit.

      No partisanship, just you being unable to discern and understand reality.

      1. Well at my jurisdiction, aka my home, I’ve been been at phase 2 since mid May. No one has died yet. Amazing, but true.

      2. “No partisanship” you claim. This due to zero choices here to vote for. Refusing to own YOUR votes and YOUR mess is troubling and sends mixed messages. Emperor Inslee is non-essential.

  4. I just gotta tell you that the parking lot at Golden Gardens is soooo happy that the closure continues!
    It’s been a nice moratorium from all those icky oils drips (Truth, we’re looking at you!). The cig butts and condoms are way down too!

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