King County approved for Phase 2 of state’s reopening plan

King County has received the OK to move into Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan.

The new phase will allow several more businesses to reopen, and will raise restaurant dining-in capacity to 50 percent. Here’s a full list of businesses allowed to reopen, from the Governor’s office (follow the links for details on each):

In addition to King County’s approval for Phase 2, State Secretary of Health John Wiesman has also approved Island, Lewis, and Mason counties to enter Phase 3.

For more information about activities and businesses that can resume under the new phase of reopening, visit King County’s webpage.

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Where is Dan Strauss hiding?
Where is Dan Strauss hiding?

In The Baz™ (The Ballard Autonomous Zone, where all animals are equal – but some animals are more equal than others) we don’t obey the state’s “Phase” rules. We’ve been having playdates and drink socials for weeks now, just discreetly.

schmoked shaman
schmoked shaman

My certified COVID-19-free pup, who goes by the name of Mikey O’Bee, is open to fun and frolic at the Baz. Just stop by the Portland Loo any afternoon. Wake me up if I’ve shagged off from my latest dose, Ciao!