Juneteenth in Ballard: midday march and evening protest at 65th and 15th

Today is Juneteenth, and there are two big events happening in Ballard in observance.

This morning at 10am is the Justice for Black Lives march, starting at West Woodland Park next to the zoo and making its way to Bergen Place by 2pm.

Sustainable Ballard is moving its Friday protest to NW 65th St and 15th Ave NW this evening. They encourage demonstrators to prioritize the midday Justice for Black Lives march, but will be out from 5pm to 6pm.

“This week’s protest falls on the Juneteenth WEEKEND of ACTION which is focused on three things: 1) defund the police, 2) invest in black communities and 3) get Trump out of office — so tailor your signs accordingly,” Sustainable Ballard executive director Jenny Heins tells My Ballard. If you don’t bring your own sign, they’ll have Black Lives Matter signs available at the corner of 65th and 15th.

Last week, Heins says they had about 800 people turn up for their Friday protest. Sustainable Ballard will continue protesting every Friday for the foreseeable future from 5pm to 6pm.

Photos from last Friday’s protest, courtesy Jenny Heins

10 thoughts to “Juneteenth in Ballard: midday march and evening protest at 65th and 15th”

  1. Step one: buy a house in one the whitest parts of one of America’s whitest cities.

    Step two: tell everyone diversity is important to you.

    Step three: rinse, repeat.

          1. Try turning on Tucker Carlson, just 1 freaking time there sport. You WILL have your eyes opened and not be so smug afterwards.

      1. Hey, Putin would love to turn the good folks of MyBallard by making posts that are patently obvious and true. They have a whole team on it I’m sure!

    1. Perhaps these privileged elitists could simply look up blm’s manifesto. Marxism plain and simple. Umm, I swear I hear about all these “highly educated” Ballard residents too. My guess is, they skipped history classes. Look up Robert Byrd. Look up just who the original KKK members were. Then look up LBJ’s “great society” plan. 5 decades and some $22 TRILLION transferred from producers, to non-producers. WTF is there to show for this largess? Look at all of these shit hole coastal cities, all chock full of limousine liberals, all voting “the proper way”, all in deep trouble, all “d” cities. But we’re not supposed to notice.

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