Applications open next week for Seattle’s free tree giveaways

Seattle’s free tree program is launching soon, with applications opening up next week.

Trees for Neighborhoods is an annual City program that gives away trees to households once a year. If you want a tree for your home, you have to apply online between July 13 and August 10.

Before you apply, you’ll need to first consider where you could plant a tree, and check out the tree species available. To help you decide which tree would be best for your home, there are two webinars (aptly named “Right Tree, Right Place”) to help you: the first will be July 18 from 1pm to 2pm, and the second will be July 21 from 7pm to 8pm. You can preregister here for July 18, and here for July 21.

Not all applications will necessarily be accepted; if there are more requests for a given species than there are trees available, recipients will be randomly selected. However, if trees are still available after the first application period, a second application period may be added in mid-August.

The pick-up dates for trees will be in October and November; click here to learn more and apply.

9 thoughts to “Applications open next week for Seattle’s free tree giveaways”

  1. Some of these tree species the city is providing are clearly inappropriate and need to be removed… defund this racist program!

    In this day and age “Skylands Oriental Spruce,” is completely unacceptable naming. It’s even worse that the city’s description of this tree describes its golden glow and yellow fringe…. blatant racism.

    “Chinese Fringe Tree” is borderline, and the debate is still out on “Emerald Avenue European Hornbeam.”

    1. Naming, if includes country or location (think Italian Pine, Norway spruce, etc) usually refers to where the trees/plants are from, eg, the skylands tree is native to mountain areas from the Caucasus to Turkey. It is not native to the PNW.

  2. All I can think of is when I look at the picture is “they aren’t social distancing!”. Sad, because more trees is a wonderful thing.

  3. “Free trees” they say. Like free lunches then? Next time at a “non-profit” business, go around to the back parking lot and look at all the new fancy autos. $1.00 sent to DC brings roughly $.25 to a recipient for welfare. Not a very good return. Can’t people afford to buy their own damn trees? I need new tires on my car. I think I’ll call the city.

    1. The city is providing free trees and all you can do is complain and throw out some whataboutisms for good measure.

      You clearly aren’t cut out for civilization. Maybe a shack, deep in the Montana woods is better suited for you?

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