Three cars stolen from Crown Hill home

Car thieves made off with three vehicles on Tuesday night from a Ballard family’s home.

Mary Kay Jebousek told Q13 that she’d parked one vehicle on the street, and says she thinks the thieves broke into that vehicle first, found the garage door opener, and helped themselves to the other two vehicles. The keys were inside their home, which means they must have entered the house while the family was sleeping.

The three vehicles are a green/blue Acura TL with license plate number AEX0794, a champagne Toyota Avalon with plate number BKT8829, and a red Chevy Cruise with plate number ATS4573.

Jebousek says the theft happened between 11pm and 5am; contact Seattle Police if you have any information about the incident.

Photos: Mary Kay Jebousek

8 thoughts to “Three cars stolen from Crown Hill home”

    1. Don’t dial 911, call the city council, the mayor, the failed presidential guy, Inslee. They are all culpable and to blame and allowing this BS to continue onward. Seems the voting records of many ARE coming back to haunt us all.

  1. Going forward maybe 911 can ask if you support defunding the police and if you do, send over a hippie or anarchist?

    1. Aww Pookie 😘😘😘, I’ve missed your stable genius comments! Did you go on vacation to the bushes outside Dan’s house, sulking because he keeps rejecting your advances?

      I see your “Still Weirdly Obsessed with Mike O’Brien” personality is back as well! Three stable genius comments within minutes on the same article, good to see you still making a difference in this world!

      Also, you still haven’t told me where I can submit my application to be employed as a 24/7 neighborhood blog troll?

  2. From all I get, this is yet more white privilege: owning 3 cars. They must’ve missed the messaging from their overlords and didn’t sign up for bus passes and free everything. How arrogant and ignorant of them. Get with it folks. If you don’t own much, there’s not much to steal, or tax.

  3. You think we have a problems now ! What is it going to be like if the government deducts 50% of the police budget ! So they can give more money to low income minorities !

  4. I must say this flys in the face of the calls for defunding the police. Are the community watchers going to stop this or investigate or somehow protect us from being preyed upon? Our condo garage was just burglarized and we have the entire incident on video: but nothing will happen and no investigation will be done. They don’t have the manpower or the time! To watch on video someone going through your personal property looking for something of value to steal, with the nonchalance of a grocery shopper, is more than maddening.
    Dan Strauss needs a reality check!

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