Ethan Stowell launches lobster-themed Pinchy Bois pop-up at Bramling Cross

As part of their summer pop-up series, Ethan Stowell Restaurants has launched a new, lobster-themed venture called Pinchy Bois.

Pinchy Bois is operating out of the Bramling Cross location at 5205 Ballard Ave. Bramling Cross, which opened in 2015, was slated to close prior to COVID-19, along with Stowell’s Marine Hardware.

Now it looks like the location is being put to good use, with lobster meals available to-go or for dine-in on their patio on a first-come, first-claimed basis.

When Pinchy Bois launched at the beginning of July, they sold out an entire week of lobster pre-orders in less than 24 hours. This is their second week, and they’ve opened up pre-orders online for this weekend.

The menu includes two options of fresh Maine lobster: you can get a chilled lobster salad stuffed in a soft buttered roll, or if you’re not into the extras, you can get a whole 1.5 lb. lobster all to yourself. And for dessert, they’re serving “Worms in Dirt”, which is gummy worms in malted chocolate pudding with Oreo crumble, whip cream, and cocoa nibs.

Pinchy Bois will be operating through the end of the weekend; their hours are 4pm to 9pm today and Saturday, and 12pm to 7pm on Sunday.

12 thoughts to “Ethan Stowell launches lobster-themed Pinchy Bois pop-up at Bramling Cross”

  1. “Ethan Stowell launches lobster-themed Pinchy Bois pop-up at Bramling Cross”

    It’s like an Onion headline. Will they accept food stamps?

    1. $35/60 dollar lobsters most likely flown in from the opposite coast? No thank you! It’s almost insulting to offer them considering the good local crabs we have here.

        1. It is delicious. I’m not rich either, but that price isn’t outlandish for a cocktail these days. I’ve paid more for less tasty treats.

  2. Tesla’s sell well here. In fact, they sell most of them here and on the east coast, to wealthy virtue signalers. No surprise places like this are popping up. Trickle down ALWAYS beats being trickled ON though. A high tide usually floats all of the boats in the harbor.

  3. I went to the link and was rather disappointed. Why do they not post their prices when they are out of stock? I’d like to know what they charge for their products before I try to order so that I don’t suffer sticker shock! So In all actuality I doubt they will get any of my business for this reason.

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