Drive-thru Starbucks on 15th closes temporarily for COVID-19 precautions

The drive-thru Starbucks on 15th Ave NW and NW 53rd St has closed temporarily because a staff member has been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

According to an employee from the Starbucks on NW Market St, there haven’t been any positive cases of COVID-19 amongst staff from the drive-thru Starbucks, but the location closed for preventative measures.

The staff person tells My Ballard that they believe the Starbucks on 15th will reopen tomorrow (Aug. 11).

11 thoughts to “Drive-thru Starbucks on 15th closes temporarily for COVID-19 precautions”

  1. So sad. This means the traffic can once again move along 15th. Did anybody anywhere at any time think opening this store and causing traffic issues was a great idea? I wish them all good health though.

    1. I’m upvoting a paintking post, which has a valid point, good grammar and doesn’t blame “the Liberals” for all of life’s woes?

      The future is looking bright!

    1. What’s next, lining up for gas? Post office drop box? COVID testing?

      The outrage.

      “who think they can stop on 15th waiting in line”

      No law against it.

      By good, do you mean “good, for the few days it’s closed” or as in “good, now I can drive down a street and not worry about getting around another car because I learned to drive at the Ballard Driving Academy”?

  2. Ahhhh, a new place to squat while the owners are away…
    Hey hobos and addicts of Ballard! Found a new place to stay for a while. We can inject drugs inside and yell at the walls and everything. Yeeee!!!

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