Ballard Food Bank’s ‘Helpings for Hope’ auction goes virtual

The annual fundraiser for the Ballard Food Bank is online this year, with auction items ranging from private yoga sessions to cooking classes.

“In normal circumstances, we’d be gathering with our community at our annual event, Helpings for Hope,” Ballard Food Bank writes in the event info. “We’d enjoy drinks and delicious food and each other’s company. Since that isn’t possible, this year we’re going virtual.”

The online auction is live now, and will run through Aug. 20. Some of their auction items include prizes from local chefs and artisans, plus a few virtual experiences such as a potsticker-making class from renowned chef Hsiao-Ching Chou.

All donations up to $16,000 will be matched by private donors through Aug. 31; click here to make cash donations.

Photo: Ballard Food Bank

7 thoughts to “Ballard Food Bank’s ‘Helpings for Hope’ auction goes virtual”

    1. A “great resource” is the human being itself. Most, if not all limitations are self-imposed. “Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”. I will ask once again, why the F aren’t the limousine liberals handing out fishing poles, instead of their property taxes rising? Isn’t becoming independent cool and sexy? The middle class is leaving, here, and many other large American cities. Those who can, are. The people left here will be the techies, paying higher everything for all the largess to fund this place, keep the commons chalk full of schlubs, and their democrats in power. Quite the tidy scheme.

  1. Great resource! Except for the homeless drug addict that overdosed outside your door. If only there was something like a Navigation Team to help get drug addicts into shelter…
    Oh well, more meth for me!!

    1. i suggest a new approach and it WILL BE HARD. Totally ignore this person. No thumbs down nothing! It will take awhile but like a scab he will fall to the ground.

      1. NIMBY!!! Must be so easy for your “housed” people to pick on the homeless. We have different rules. Actually no rules at all. Hahahahaha!!!

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