240 units planned for NW Market St

A large apartment building is in the works for the corner of 9th Ave NW and NW Market St.

According to city records, a 5-story, 240-unit apartment is being proposed for half the block. The project would replace five structures on the block; no parking is in the plans.

The Seattle DJC reports that Greenbank Holdings paid $3.6 million to assemble the site. Skidmore Janette is the architect for the project, set to enter administrative design this fall.

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    1. Fair point. But I think maybe most people who buy/rent a unit without parking do so because they don’t need it (i.e. don’t have a car). I don’t have a car, and. most of my friends don’t. Between public transport, walking, zipper, and uber, a car is just unnecessary.

      1. Every place that doesn’t have parking is a sea of parked cars on the street and on the neighboring streets. In fact there was a newspaper article that discussed how there are now more cars and more traffic in Seattle then ever before. Some of those cars belong to people who live in places that don’t have parking. Perhaps not your friends but that doesn’t erase the facts or the greed. This development will simply mean that 240 new to Seattle cars are parked on the streets behind the new units. No idea what zipper is but Uber, an incredibly unsafe and unsupportive business, uses cars. They are parked somewhere. Oh and other articles point out that Uber and Lyft are part of the reason for the increase in cars. Oh and Uber/Lyft drivers routinely park in bicycle lanes or double park in the street as if they own it. Kudos to you for supporting them. South Ballard? Where the heck are you really from? There is no “South Ballard”.

  1. What about free housing for drug addicts like me? The builder should pay for it and the taxpayers will support my habit with no law enforcement at all. What about my rights as a homeless person?
    Let’s march activist!!

    And a 1 and a 2 and a 3…

    Free stuff for the homeless,
    No rules for the homeless,
    No law enforcement for the homeless,
    No mandatory mental health for the homeless,
    No accountability for shoplifting,
    Let’s march activists!
    They’re not building me an apartment in this place where I can cook meth indoors instead of at Ballard Commons.
    Enable me, enable meeeeee!!

    Let’s meet at the Leary gloryhole to plan the march. Who’s with me??

      1. Sad that your mask is up so tight it hampers your thinking and eyesight. Perhaps your enabling is part of THE problems here. I bet you still feel BLM is a civil rights outfit too.

        1. Various factually tenuous statements. Hyperbole. Fomenting against Democrats. Covid denial. Something something something. Homeless this and that. ALL caps words.

  2. Do the trees on Market Street have a chance?
    Always lip service from the Downtown power structure — this is a real opportunity for them to do something about the vanishing tree canopy.

      1. I missed where Amphidextrous SAID they were being removed. A fairly standard reading here was: Boy I hope they won’t be tearing out these trees – it would be great if they ended up not doing so.

        Seems like a totally justifiable concern, given how often trees DO get cut down. Maybe you can point us to where he states the trees are most surely coming out?

        1. Do the trees on Market Street have a chance?

          Street trees are publicly owned and would typically stay unless otherwise. You seems to imply that there was some reason to think otherwise. Normally I would give someone the benefit of the doubt, but then you closed with this zinger:

          Always lip service from the Downtown power structure — this is a real opportunity for them to do something about the vanishing tree canopy.

          So to answer your loaded question: yes, the trees on Market have a chance.

          1. Truth? The tree canopy in Seattle has steadily decreased. The city has not taken any action to preserve trees, much less increase tree canopy. Just because you call yourself a seer doesn’t make you one. Remember the trees on Ballard Ave ? Trees are removed all over the city by or with the approval of the city and not replaced.

          2. Oh girl, you just invited a world of hurt on yourself. He’s gonna go full-on logorrhea.

          3. Most definitely, this person could not inflict any more pain on me then I have already handled. Trees are truth. People usually not. Yesterday, trees over one thousand years old burned up in the Joshua Tree forest. That hurts.

  3. It’s amazing that such a large project will have no public review, but an administrative review. Developers don’t want public input. They want to sneak these projects through. We need a new city council to stop big no-parking projects.

    1. The only thing stopping the developer from building parking spots is cost. Parking stalls in a building can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 per stall, which adds to the selling price of the units. As long as these parking-less units are selling or renting, developers don’t have incentive to add cost to construction. That’s Capitalism™ baby!

      Don’t buy or rent something that doesn’t have a parking spot and you’ll be fine. Really, it’ll be fine!

      1. That is a bogus figure for a building of this size. But adding a first level garage would reduce the number of units, so in that regard it really is all about profits. What we should do is require that units without parking only be rented to tenants without cars.

        1. The median square foot of residential space in Seattle costs $517. A compact parking spot is 8′ x 16′ or 128 square feet (this excludes the lanes necessary to get to a parking space and this spot won’t fit the large size of many modern SUVs and trucks). Quick math puts the value of a compact parking spot at over $66,000 if it was repurposed for residential use.

  4. There is already two little parking around Gilman field which is right behind that block. Anytime there is a Sports event or practice at that field it is a nightmare getting a parking spot, this structure will make that parking issue even worse.

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