Ray’s Boathouse closing for three months due to new COVID restrictions

Ray’s Boathouse has announced they will close temporarily until mid-February given the new public health rules that prohibit indoor dining.

In a letter to customers, Ray’s general manager and co-owner Douglas Zellers says that while they know the current mandates are necessary for health and safety, “they do not allow us to continue to operate effectively. “

Zellers says they had to close the restaurant for a few days last week after an isolated positive COVID-19 test from one of their staff members, and just yesterday decided to cancel all Thanksgiving reservations. They’ve already begun the task of closing up the restaurant until 2021—the earliest they’d reopen would be sometime in February, Zellers says.

“It is absolutely heartwarming to hear the outpouring of support, gratitude, and love that our community has shown us in the last few days. I speak for my team when I say that we have built our lives around serving others, and we feel a bit lost without that purpose,” Zellers says. “The ongoing, positive comments from our loyal guests and friends are keeping our spirits up for now. We thank you for that.”

Photo: Ray’s Boathouse on Facebook