Ballard Bridge to be rehabilitated or replaced with a mid-level movable bridge

The City’s Ballard Bridge Planning Study just wrapped up with two options now on the table: either rehabilitating the current structure, or replacing it with a mid-level movable bridge.

The Seattle Department of Transportation launched the planning study last year as part of the larger Ballard-Interbay Regional Transportation System (BIRT) project. After a year of holding open houses and considering feedback, SDOT has dropped the third option; a high-level fixed bridge.

According to SDOT, the high-level bridge, “consistently rated poorly because it created significant multimodal connection impacts at the north end of the bridge and, with a height over 150’, the public had concerns about the overall length of the bridge and the lack of intermediate exit points for pedestrians and cyclists.”

Along with the two options moving forward, SDOT is also recommending “significant improvements” to the pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as replacing the 15th Ave W/W Emerson St/W Nickerson St interchange at the south end of the bridge.

To stay updated on the study and to learn more, visit SDOT’s BIRT website.

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