Ballard art committee commissions new mural on Ballard Building

The latest public art project has brought some life to the side of the historic Ballard Building in downtown Ballard.

The Ballard Public Art Committee and owners of the Ballard Building commissioned local artist Stevie Shao to create the larger-than-life mural.

Shao says the mural was inspired by the story of “‘Oak-thorny,’ a stag that lives on the roof of Valhalla and eats from the tree of life.All the rivers in the world are produced by his horns.”

Shao is a prolific muralist, with her work featured all over Seattle in public and private venues. She’s also the artist behind several of Ballard’s utility boxes, which was another Ballard Public Art Committee project.

The committee also commissioned several artists to paint murals on the outside of the former Ballard Blossom building; the video below tells the story.

Photo: Visit Ballard

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