European e-bike company Leon Cycle opens Ballard store

One of the largest e-bike brands in Europe, Leon Cycle, has opened a new storefront in Ballard. 

Founded in 2014, the German company expanded to the rest of Europe in the past several years and has recently landed in the U.S. 

The e-bike commerce opened its first warehouse in Seattle in Sodo and this year decided to expand its ​​business to Ballard at 1400 NW 49th St. in the space where C3 Snowboard Shop was previously located. 

“Ballard really fits the market we were going after. Talking about the age group, demographic, and how tight they are as a community just seemed like a really great entry point for us to dive into,” retail store manager Dillon Eversaul said.

Leon’s e-bikes are built with 40-volt batteries, which typically allow riders to travel distances of 90 to 120 miles on low settings and from 40 to 75 miles in the higher settings.

“We operate like a big brand, but we give that small local feel. Something that we all are in major alignment with is just taking care of the customer and really standing behind our product,” Eversaul said.

Even though Leon Cycle is already open for businesses from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (closing one hour earlier on Sundays), the store is planning a big opening day on Feb. 12, including food, drinks, and a free bike giveaway.  

“At the end of the day, our goal is really to open us up to the market and get as many people on e-bikes or bikes as possible. And whether it’s students going to school or people going to work or day-to-day commuting, we really want to get people on bikes.”  Eversaul said.

Photos by Leon Cycle