Ballard’s Tool Library to host its first tool sale after closing temporarily last fall

Sustainable Ballard’s Tool Library is hosting its first tool sale of the year since closing last fall. 

The tool sale is the library’s first event since the tragic and sudden loss of the former manager of the project. Since then, Sustainable Ballard has hired a new manager and plans to reopen in February. 

“We’re trying to clear out the excess. A lot of people have been donating tools over the pandemic, and we haven’t had an opportunity to sell.” Sustainable Ballard Executive Director Jenny Heins said.

The sale will take place Saturday, January 29, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Ballard Blocks (1416 NW 46th St, Unit 104). The event is free and open for the public, offering materials that range from construction and woodworking tools to outdoor gear, gardening, and automotive tools.

“We’ve been focusing on getting everything organized, cleaned up, inventoried, and ready for the sale,” Heins said.

The tool library will still require members to support Sustainable Ballard, and the rates for rent will stay the same, ranging from $1-$10 per tool per week. The library also expanded its inventory with the donations gathered through the fall and winter closure. 

Tool library volunteers have been busy running inventory and organizing tools. When the library reopens, every item will have a photo and a location code so members and volunteers won’t need to worry about searching for tools. Each item will have a corresponding picture, description, and location details.

The library also plans to change its schedule-based system to access its facilities. There will either be set hours for appointments or open hours for drop-in. The organization also plans to impose additional safety protocols regarding the COVID-19 pandemic when reopening in February, with plans to host sales twice a year; one in the winter and another in the spring. 

“We are grateful to all the volunteers and supporters who have stepped in to help us get up and running again after the tragic and sudden loss of our tool library manager last fall,” Heins said.