FedEx on NW Market St now closed, reopened in Ballard Blocks

The FedEx on NW Market St has moved to a new location: It’s now operating out of the Ballard Blocks on the corner of NW 46th St and 14th Ave NW.

Their last day on Market St was January 25, and they’re now operational in their location at 1401 NW 46th St.

As for what’s in the works for their vacated space: A land use application was filed in 2019 to develop one of two 8-story apartment buildings in that location. Those plans appear to still be on track and have been named the Ballard Hubs.

One of the buildings will be at 1740 NW Market St, with the other one just behind it at 1741 NW 56th St.

According to a land use application filed in 2020, the building at 1740 NW Market St would have 102 small efficiency dwelling units with retail and office space on the ground floor. Parking for two vehicles is in the plans.

The building at 1741 NW 56th St would include 106 small efficiency dwelling units, with retail and office space and parking for 33 vehicles.

The FedEx opened at its new location on Jan. 27.

Rendering by Bumgardner Architects