Updated plans for new apartment building at NW Market St and 26th Ave NW

Design plans have been firmed up for the large apartment building going in at the corner of 2501 NW Market St.

Earlier plans were for a 7-story, 120-unit apartment building. Now, the plan is for an 8-story, 112-unit apartment with parking for 61 vehicles. The developer, J. Selig Real Estate, last year applied to rezone the parcel fromIC-65 (M) (Industrial Commercial) to NC3P-75 (M) (Neighborhood Commercial-3 with a Pedestrian Designation). The rezoning would allow for a 75′ height limit as opposed to the 65′ of the current zoning designation.

The building is on the west end of a series of three different developments set to reshape the entire southwest corner of 24th and Market. The property just east of 2501 NW Market St will be turned into a 171-unit apartment building, and the building at the corner of the 24th and Market will turn into a 188-unit apartment building.

The latest design review plans haven’t yet been published online, but you can check out Mithun’s design packet from May 2021 to get a sense of the upcoming development.

J. Selig is also behind the plans to turn the Ballard Firestone into a 7-story apartment building.

There will be a public virtual design review meeting on March 7 to discuss the new plans for 2501 NW Market St.

Rendering by Mithun