City approves design plans for 7-story apartment set to replace Ballard Firestone

Plans are rolling ahead for the 7-story apartment building at 1145 NW Market St, which will replace the Ballard Firestone.

The plans call for 122 total units, with parking for 73 vehicles and ground-floor commercial space. The property owner is J. Selig Real Estate, and the architect is Mithun. J. Selig purchased the property in June 2020 for $7 million.

The City has recently approved the final design for the apartment complex, but it could be another year before the groundbreaking, Seattle DJC reports.

According to the latest design packet, the complex will be a mix of one- and two-bedroom apartments. “With unique street frontages on both NW Market St and NW 54th St, the project will provide a vibrant retail experience on Market Street and pedestrian-oriented two-story apartments along NW 54th St,” the design packet reads.

The project description states that the applicant “seeks to create a contemporary and highly attractive project that is inspired by modern Nordic design, drawing on Ballard’s Scandinavian roots to create a beautiful new multi-family home in the heart of the Ballard urban village.”

The new apartment will be in good company, as several other large-scale complexes are in the works for the stretch of NW Market St between 8th and 14th Avenues NW.

A 229-unit apartment is set to be built at 907 NW market St, just east of a new Ballard Aegis Senior Living center, and across the street from another large 6-story apartment complex with 150 units and 60 to 90 parking spots in an underground garage.

And, the KFC will be turned into yet another 5-story apartment complex. The plans include 86 small efficiency dwelling units with no parking proposed.

All projects are within Ballard’s Urban Village Hub, which allows for taller developments and reduced parking requirements.

Renderings by Mithun