SDOT proposes construction of new Green Lake Outer Loop trail

SDOT has solidified their plans for constructing a new section of trail along the western edge of Green Lake.

The new trail, called the Outer Loop, would run along Aurora Ave N and W Green Lake Drive N. SDOT would convert one of the three northbound lanes of Aurora Ave N alongside the park into a 0.4-mile-long protected bike lane.

The lane that would be converted is in the area where there’s a gap in northbound bus lanes on Aurora Ave N (below), between N 63rd St and W Green Lake Dr N.

SDOT says the completed project would not close any roads to vehicles: W Green Lake Way vehicle access won’t be changed on the southern side of the lake, and cars will still be able to drive from Stone Way N to the Phinney Ridge side of Aurora, or use the northbound on-ramp to Aurora Ave N.

Below is a rendering of the new trail segment planned for W Green Lake Drive N.

If you want to learn more about the project, SDOT posted a presentation held in February 2022 online.

SDOT plans to start construction as early as mid-2022.