Sailfish to open in former Bunsoy location on NW Market St

Tommy Patrick, one of the owners of three successful Ballard restaurants, is revamping what was once Bunsoy, a celebrated Filipino restaurant on the corner of Ballard and Market.

The new concept has emerged, and with it, a new head chef, Zach Lake.

Lake is returning to the company after helping Patrick launch Parish NW and continuing there as a sous-chef. Lake has since spent his time working at Ray’s Boathouse, expanding his seafood knowledge. The timing of Patrick and Lake’s reconnection was very fortuitous and Lake is very much looking forward to being back with the Ballard family. 

Sailfish head chef Zach Lake. Photo: Leah Preble 

“A huge piece that reeled me in to wanting to work for Tommy again is the way that he and his crew take care of one another,” Lake says. 

Lake has 10-plus years of experience working with seafood. “I’m definitely inspired by all the different chefs I’ve worked with or for, and in some sense pay homage to all the people that taught me and now I get to teach someone else. I appreciate all the people that helped me get to the place where I’m now. And help others get to the place where they want to go,” Lake says. 

Shortly after connecting back with Lake, Patrick was given a little sign from the universe on what to name the new restaurant. 

While Patrick was out of town enjoying the Maltese Islands, he and his partner decided to extend their vacation for one day. That day, Patrick caught a 180-pound Sailfish, the largest the area had seen in 10 years.  

Patrick’s inspiration for the name Sailfish came from a fishing trip in the Maltese Islands. Photo: Supplied

Sailfish will celebrate its soft opening on October 7. Customers can expect a light-spirited menu with a variety of white wines, bubbly cocktails, and local seafood shareable dishes. 

Sailfish is located at 2221 NW Market St.

Featured photo: Gabrielle Locke