Crown Hill pedestrian improvement plans moving ahead

The project to make Crown Hill Urban Village a more pedestrian-friendly neighborhood is moving ahead with full city council support.

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed the Crown Hill Neighborhood Design Guidelines on Tuesday, created to enhance the character of Crown Hill and improve pedestrian safety and walkability.

The project has been in the works since 2018, when the Crown Hill Village Association worked with city planners to create the Crown Hill Community Action Plan. The plan sought to address Crown Hill’s rapid growth and zoning changes as it related to the residents of Crown Hill and the character of the area.

From the Crown Hill Community Action Plan, Dec. 2021

City council was poised to vote on the Crown Hill Community Action Plan in March 2020, just as the pandemic arrived in Seattle.

“Crown Hill welcomed more density with a vision to have a walkable community, supporting public open spaces, gardens, and trees, with a connected community across Holman Road and NW 85th Street. These are the aspects of creating a vibrant livable city where you can live, work, and play,” Councilmember Dan Strauss said in a statement from the city.

“Arterial roads often disconnect communities, especially when there are no sidewalks, and these design standards alleviate the barrier these streets can create. The Crown Hill Village Association has fought for their community’s design standards and has already begun adding sidewalks to increase the quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood. Next, we need to get light rail to Crown Hill and beyond,” Strauss said.  

With full council support, the next step is for the Design Review Board to evaluate each project using the parameters set by the Crown Hill residents.