Ballard’s new seafood restaurant Sailfish opens Friday

Sailfish, a new seafood restaurant on the corner of NW Market St and Ballard Ave NW, opens its doors Friday, Oct. 7.

Owner Tommy Patrick pivoted to create Sailfish after Bunsoy chef Rhabbie Coquia decided to pursue other endeavors.

Managers Rica Marinas, Mike Murray, and Alex Emel are at the helm of Sailfish. Each was also involved in opening Bunsoy. Between closing Bunsoy and opening Sailfish, Murray’s focus as assistant general manager is on changing the style of service.

Alex Emel, Ricalynn Marinas, Michael Murray

“Customers can expect a more elevated and formal dining experience, and the aesthetic and new place settings make the place feel more cohesive and a great date night destination,” Murray says.

The staff is warm and positive. “As a team we are always looking for ways to improve and continuously change, for the better. A big part of my role is maintaining the team and the work culture we’ve built, and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff,” the general manager, Marinas, says.

Emel has helped with the bar launch for the owner’s other establishment, Parish NW, Bunsoy, and is now bar manager at Sailfish.

While Bunsoy’s bar menu offered tropical, cocktails with authentic Filipino flavors, Sailfish presents honey-based riffs on classics utilizing fresh, local ingredients along with a large sparkling, white, and red wine selection.

“You can expect an ever-evolving drink menu with locally sourced ingredients that we make in-house from, Seattle Beverage Supply,” Emel says.

While Bunsoy’s aesthetic was vibrant and colorful representing Filipino cuisine, Sailfish has dark blue and black walls, stone, greenery, and dark curtains, accomplishing a more romantic atmosphere by offering an assortment of shareable dishes ranging from small plates as well as larger items. The ingredients are all locally sourced seafood dishes with some non-seafood options.

Reservations will be made available on Open Table on Oct 6, or by emailing . Sailfish is located at 2221 NW Market St.