4Bs Ballard Grill & Alehouse changes ownership (again) with 24-hour dining in the works

For the second time in two years, 4Bs Ballard Grill & Alehouse has switched hands.

4Bs opened under new ownership almost exactly a year ago, when Joel Stedman from The Stedman Group spruced it up and brought in chefs from Macho Burger to head up the kitchen.

New owner Alex Singleterry is a Frelard resident and the owner of Ice Box Arcade. He’s planning to make some changes to 4Bs, including adding a patio, a reservable VIP living room with classic Nintendo game rentals, bathroom remodels, kitchen updates, and more events.

“The 4Bs is such an iconic bar – we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to bring it back to its ‘glory days’ and to be operating another vibrant, lively space in our home neighborhood,” Singleterry said in a press release about taking over.

Along with adding some new games, Singleterry plans to include new events such as karaoke nights, live music, and regular pinball and pool tournaments. 4Bs is only serving locally-made pretzels and snacks for now but has plans to add 24-hour dining.

Photo: Danielle Wilcox at TruJourney Photography