Ballard’s 17th Ave NW Healthy Street to become permanent this spring

The city will be working this spring to make the Ballard Healthy Street on 17th Ave NW permanent.

The Healthy Streets program started during the pandemic as a way for residents to get outside and stay active close to home. The streets were closed to thru-traffic and were open only for walking, running, biking, and rolling.

The program’s success led to several healthy streets becoming permanent, including the Ballard Healthy Street on 17th Ave NW between NW 58th St and NW 90th St.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is working this spring to add new elements on the healthy street including permanent signage with concrete block bases and new painted curb spaces around the signs at each intersection. SDOT says unauthorized on-street parking located at corners of the intersection, within 20ft of the intersection, will be removed for new installation.

SDOT says that they are willing to install planters instead of the concrete blocks at intersections (diagram below) which will be maintained by neighbors. If you live on 17th Ave NW and you’re interested in a planter instead of a concrete block, SDOT says to fill out this online form and sign and submit a Landscape Maintenance Agreement.

Images courtesy SDOT. Featured photo: Greenwood Healthy Street with an example of planter box signs.