Protesters vandalize two more Ballard billboards

Last week this vandalized billboard was turning heads near the Ballard Bridge. Now two more billboards have been defaced with political messages. All three seem to be the work of the same person (or group of people.)

Robby sent us these photos. This Starbucks sign is on Leary near 11th.

And this McDonald’s sign was on the opposite side of the Starbucks billboard. It has already been replaced.

156 comments on “Protesters vandalize two more Ballard billboards”

  1. all the people going on about how it's vandalism, relax! so serious all the time, it's a bloomin' macdonalds billboard not a national monument.

  2. I can't believe the leftist jingoism in here. (How's that for an “ism?”) Here's what I'm reading…

    “If I have an opinion that's different from yours, I can vandalize your belongings and justify it.”

    Can't wait till someone comes along and vandalizes YOUR stuff because they have a different opinion than yours!

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