Madame K’s sold and other business news

A few months ago, a My Ballard reader discovered that Madame K’s went up for sale. Now an employee tells us the Ballard Ave. restaurant is being sold.

“I need a new challenge,” owner Kirsten Burt told the Ballard News Tribune. “It is sad — it’s a magical little restaurant.” Madame K’s plans to close in the next few weeks. No word on what will replace it. More business news:

  • Ballard’s Snoose Junction will open a second restaurant in Greenwood on Tuesday, and PhinneyWood got a sneak peek inside.
  • The Tux Shop along Market St. near 22nd Ave. has packed up and moved to Northgate, according to a sign on the door. The Tux Shop has 19 locations in Seattle.
  • Owner Brandon Pettit tells us he hopes his new pizza place on 70th, Delancey, will open in April. By the way, his wife Molly Wizenberg, who runs the terrific blog Orangette, was just recognized as the top food blogger in the world (and her book is now out.)
  • A new tanning salon called Seattle Sun Tan has opened on the first floor of the Ballard Blocks building, right underneath LA Fitness.

Thanks everyone who sent us tips on these stories!

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