Another business expanding to 15th Ave.

There’s another new business coming to 15th Ave NW.

Blue Dog Kitchen in the U District plans to open a new business, Blue Dog Coffeehouse, at the old Energy Espresso location on 15th Ave. We spoke with Jeremy with Blue Dog who says they plan to open very soon. The drive-thru could be open within the next couple of days, and they’ll be serving their entire menu in the restaurant section in the next few weeks. This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s story about Three Girls Bakery expanding to the old Ballard Pet Shop building. Sara emailed us, “15th is really looking up: sushi on 65th, then Three Girls, now this!” (Thanks Sara for emailing us!)

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  1. I wish them the best of luck. That place has been a revolving door of coffee joints (or the same joint with different ownership). Happy to see it'll be occupied again though. :-)

  2. Seems like the trick is in the timing. Those businesses are going to do great once the new apartments on the Denny's and bowling alley site are filled. The trick is to get in early enough to be established before all the new customers come, even if it means losing some money for a year or two. Still seems a little early, but you don't want someone doing it before you and taking that valuable spot. It's all about oportunity cost.

  3. good news again today?…wow! it is so cool that all of these new places are going to give it a try…best of luck. i, too, am excited to have a drive thru coffee joint back again. i am excited for this development, making great use of already existing space with new owners and new faces in ballard! welcome new neighbors….:)

  4. I just looked at the link (thanks for that, Geeky Swedes) and it took only four words to get me truly excited about this place. Apple Cinnamon French Toast.

  5. funny enough, we just went to blue dog in the u district this past saturday for the first time. their pancakes are very delicious. this is a very welcome addition to the 'hood!

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