Lights coming on at 15th and Market development

The gargantuan development on the corner of 15th and Market in Ballard is inching closer to completion, with lights coming on at the ground floor.

Deb posted the below photo in the My Ballard Group. “The lights are on but nobody’s home…yet,” she writes.

Mike Brixner from Martin Selig tells My Ballard that the development is still on track to finish up soon, with tenants starting to build out their spaces within the next two months.

Equal Exchange will take the space on the southwest corner of the building (15th and Market), while Chase will take the northwest corner (15th and 56th). A small-format Target will fill the rest of the bottom floor, with Polyclinic on part of the second floor, and WeWork taking up the top two stories. Brixner says there’s 10,000 square feet of available space on the second floor, and the entire third story, 42,000 square feet, is still open for lease.

Opening dates for the various business will vary, but Brixner expects it to be in the fall.

5 thoughts to “Lights coming on at 15th and Market development”

  1. I tell ya, I’m excited about the tents coming to adorn this new building, as well as the fine folks attending them! That tall skinny fuzzy headed guy we all see everywhere can supply all the heroin for them too. Gonna be great.

    1. I believe you are talking about Richard Recktenwald.
      He’s one of those fine souls who make up this vibrant and diverse community of ours. I have heard that he lives in his van, sometimes parked near the library, but you didn’t hear that from me! (h/t to “In Living Color”)

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