Brunswick & Hunt to close permanently today

The neighborhood gastropub on NW 70th St, Brunswick & Hunt, will be closing their doors after today.

General manager Tommy Pappas told My Ballard that their reason for closing is “multi-faceted and on par with the abundant closings currently happening in Seattle.”

Brunswick & Hunt opened back in 2014, and focused on farm-to-table offerings. No word yet on the future of the space (1480 NW 70th St) but we’ll update when we know its fate.

Photo: Brunswick & Hunt on Facebook

12 thoughts to “Brunswick & Hunt to close permanently today”

  1. “on par with the abundant closings currently happening in Seattle” – i.e. rampant greed from land owners who are squeezing the life out of businesses. I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets sold to some LLC, torn down and turned into some pointless, overpriced housing.

  2. Reality is, it’s in a terrible location, has zero convenient street parking (it’s basically nestled between 15th and tons of houses, and costs a fortune. The food was excellent, but not the type of place you’re going to go more than once every few months or so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Does anyone on this blog talk about anything but parking? You know, it’s kind of healthy to get off your ass and walk but that’s seen as beneath the whites-only ballard club.

    2. Not a bad location. It’s in the center of a cluster of neighborhoods. Food is good, but expensive. Minimum wage increases are killing restaurants.

      1. Wrong. Triple Net increases are killing any margin whatsoever, along with plenty of greed. Min wage increase has been in place for a while now; restaurants have opened in that time so your logic is pretty damn thin.

  3. If you own a small business it’s unfriendly in Seattle. It’s a combo of the squeeze you feel at home, things costs more – food, utilities, health care, professional services. The triple net is painful, but a reality of how seattle is now – the value of all property rises, not just our houses. The minimum wage thing is less of an issue, at least for me, how could someone live in seattle or even close to the city, on state minimum wage, around $12/hr.

    In a restaurant, people have a preconceived idea of how much a meal out should cost. And ideally, it should cost less; but we can’t pay the bills, our taxes, and employees and charge that lower “ideal” price, and pay ourselves. It’s just not worth it, to work so hard for so little. Especially when the biggest companies don’t pay the same taxes we have to. It’s ridiculous to saddle the cities problems on the backs of small businesses, while Amazon is tax free. Time to fix our tax structure to favor small business.

    1. Heartily agree. SB owners have to wake up to the fact that your political interests do not align with large companies like Amazon. We need more small businesses, we need less Amazon.

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