Steele Barber + Spa opening in September on Ballard Ave

A new barbershop is in the works for Ballard: Steele Barber is planning to open a second location at 5201 Ballard Ave, just next door to the shuttered Bramling Cross.

Back in January, we learned that bridal store Grace Loves Lace would be moving into the corner spot. Now, Steele Barber has announced their upcoming September opening in the same building.

While his current shop at 6417 Roosevelt Way has been open since 2017, Steele Barber owner Matthew Humphrey tells My Ballard that he considers the new 2,700-square-foot space in Ballard to be his flagship.

Built in 1905 and recently restored by Ballard-based Heliotrope Architects, 5201 Ballard Ave was once home to Barthelemy Bros. Hardware.

“I love this building so much,” Humphrey says, adding that it’s been carefully renovated and designed to match the Steele Barber brand’s “details matter” approach.

Along with haircuts, Steele will offer a full-service spa for men, including facials, grey blending, and waxing. The building even has an enclosed, “Brooklyn-style” courtyard for customers to sip a beer while they wait.

Humphrey, who worked for the Aveda Corporate for 15 years, says he was inspired by his visits to barbershops in London while working for Aveda.

“It will have a British pub-meets-barbershop feel,” he says, “a high-end experience for guys at reasonable price.”

Steele is slated to open in early September.

Photos: Steele Barber

9 thoughts to “Steele Barber + Spa opening in September on Ballard Ave”

  1. What’s up with the gendered language? Some Ballard ladies have nice lush beards that need a trim. Just ask Truth’s wife.

  2. A spa for men… huh… I think I’ll pass. I’m sure they’ll do quite well in “new” Ballard; I’m sure they shave and wax ALL over also.

  3. This is good news that they are opening a spa because I was also looking for a spa near this area. Actually, I have recently moved to this area and I needed this. Well, today I was reading about some Barber Kits Ireland when I found your post.

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