Metro restores routes 15, 17, and 18 in Ballard

King County Metro has reinstated some popular bus routes in Ballard after over a year of suspended service.

Last September, Metro canceled Routes 15, 17, and 18 due to low ridership and financial difficulties due to the pandemic. However, as part of their service revisions that rolled out over the weekend, the three routes are now back in action on a limited basis.

Routes 15, 17, and 18 serve several Ballard neighborhoods, including Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, Sunset Hill, North Beach, Loyal Heights, and central Ballard. While they aren’t back in full swing, Metro has restored several trips per day (here’s a full schedule for the three routes).

Several other Ballard routes have been amended, including the following:

  • Route 40: The Northgate Transit Center closed to the public Oct. 2, and Route 40 no longer stops there. Route 40 now serves bays 1 and 4 at the new Northgate Station, just west of the Northgate Transit Center.
  • Route 44: The westbound Route 44 has been revised to operate on NE 43rd St and 12th Ave NE between 15th Ave NE and NE 45th St, to serve the new U District Station.
  • Route 45: Route 45 has been revised to connect with Route 75 and provide direct service to the University of Washington Campus along Stevens Way. Route 45 no longer operates along Roosevelt Way NE, 12th Ave NE, NE Pacific St, NE Pacific Pl, or Montlake Blvd NE. Routes 45 and 75 are being revised to better integrate Metro service with Link light rail and reduce duplication of service.

Other new and restored routes serving areas around Ballard include Routes 16, Rapid Ride D Line, and 20.

  • Route 16X: New Route 16X provides peak-only service on weekdays between Broadview and downtown Seattle, including Greenwood. This route replaces route 5X.
  • RapidRide D Line: Several trips will be deleted due to decreased STBD funding.
  • Route 20: Creates a new all-day connection between Lake City, Northgate, Green Lake, the University District, U District Station, and UW Medical Center. Provides an alternate route for removed routes 26 and 75.

For more service changes and a full list of revised bus routes, visit Metro’s website.

Photo: King County Metro