Ballard Tool Library manager didn’t enter library on alleged day of fatal injury, security footage shows

The Ballard Tool Library manager who recently passed away from a fatal injury did not appear to have sustained her injuries at the tool library.

Sustainable Ballard has reviewed security camera footage and says there’s no evidence that Kimberly Lindbergh entered the tool library (7549-B 15th Ave NW) on Oct. 14, when her accident was believed to have occurred.

The WA Department of Labor & Industries was investigating after Lindbergh passed away on Oct. 20. Sustainable Ballard has provided the department with security footage that shows no activity on the premises between Oct. 10 and 18.

L&I has issued a preliminary closing report for the incident, and Sustainable Ballard has not been cited with any serious violations that could result in injuries beyond basic first aid, Sustainable Ballard Executive Director Jenny Heins wrote in an email to My Ballard.

However, we will be implementing an Accident Prevention Program, providing safety training to all contractors and Tool Library volunteers, and holding monthly safety meetings as prescribed by the L & I closing report,” Heins said.

Heins says they are planning to reopen the library in January 2022.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to Kimberly’s family, friends and loved ones and wish them all the best in coping with this incredible loss and its aftermath. Kimberly’s passing is a devastating loss for all concerned,” Heins said.