Sailfish closed, Ballard Cut to move into its place on NW Market St and Ballard Ave

The recently opened Sailfish restaurant in Ballard is now closed, with plans in the works for Ballard Cut to take its place.

Ballard restaurateur Tommy Patrick opened Sailfish last fall—it was a pivot from Patrick’s Filipino restaurant Bunsoy that occupied the former Matador location. But after staffing issues and the down restaurant economy, Patrick has decided to close Sailfish.

Patrick, who also owns Ballard Cut and Parish NW, said it made more sense to consolidate rather than keep Sailfish open.

“I had to make a decision between healthcare, shift drinks, and shift meals, or having a third business,” Patrick told My Ballard, adding that it didn’t make sense to keep all three business going. “I had to do what’s right for myself and the business…Market factors, staffing issues, inflation, and people making tough life decisions ultimately brought the concept down.”

Patrick said the Sailfish chef plans to move to Bainbridge to be closer to family.

Ballard Cut (5313 Ballard Ave NW) will take the place of Sailfish; Patrick says it will move into the space next month with an estimated opening date of May 15. He said the lease was coming up for renewal at 5313 Ballard Ave NW, so it seemed a good time to let the space go and move Ballard Cut to 2221 NW Market St.

“Thank you to the community for the support we received,” Patrick said, adding that he’s happy to “move a successful concept into the space.

Ballard Cut will remain open at its 5313 Ballard Ave location for the rest of April before making the move to the corner of Ballard Ave and NW Market St.