Ballard Bridge and 15th Ave NW paving project to start this summer

The project to repave 15th Ave NW and the Ballard Bridge is on the docket for this summer.

We first reported on the paving project in May 2022, when SDOT had expected to conduct the work in 2023. But after some delays, construction is looking more certain for this summer.

SDOT selected contractor (Gary Merlino Construction) for the work, which they say could start as early as June.

Along with repaving 15th Ave NW between NW 57th St and W Emerson St, SDOT plans to create a new landscaped median between NW 54th St and NW 50th St. They’ll plant new trees, replace sidewalk curb ramps that don’t comply with ADA requirements, and re-stripe all existing crosswalks.

15th Ave Project Map

SDOT says they will be closing the Ballard Bridge on select weekends this summer and fall while they replace worn expansion joints.

15th Ave W paving will begin as soon as June 2024 and continue through 2025. The bridge closures will occur over several weekends this summer and fall while the 15th Ave W paving is ongoing. SDOT is not planning any more full bridge closures related to this project in 2025, but say they are confident that other paving will continue through 2025. * 

SDOT says the contractor may start preparation work for the paving such as moving equipment materials into the project corridor. They say the contractor may also shift traffic when needed to create safe work zones for crews and clear navigation for the traveling public.

*Story has been updated for timeline and closure clarifications.