Design review meeting for the 229-unit apartment planned for 907 NW Market St

A public design review meeting for a 5-story apartment on the east end of NW Market St has been planned for next month.

The apartment complex will span nearly an entire block, from the corner of 9th Ave NW and replace five single-family homes. The plans include 229 units and no parking.

The original design plans were published in early 2020; an updated design packet isn’t yet available for the new apartment. (The design review meeting website will have a link to updated design plans when they are published.)

According to the original design produced by Skidmore Janette and Greenbank Holdings LLC, the architects said the project will “strive to emulate positive elements of other multi-family developments along Market while also establishing new patterns and precedent for future development in this evolving area.”

The designers said they want to bridge the gap between single-family homes on the east end Market Street and the higher density of housing west of 15th Ave NW—this will certainly be a theme as several other apartments are in the works for the stretch between 9th Ave NW and 15th Ave NW.

The new apartment would be built just east of a new Ballard Aegis Senior Living center, and across the street from another large 6-story apartment complex at 904 NW Market St with 150 units and 60 to 90 parking spots in an underground garage.

Down the street, a 7-story apartment building is set to replace the Firestone at 1145 NW Market St. The plans include 122 units with ground-level retail. Parking for 70 vehicles is proposed. Just west of 904 NW Market St is the future site of yet another 5-story apartment complex at the current KFC location. The plans include 86 small efficiency dwelling units with no parking proposed.

All projects are within Ballard’s Urban Village Hub, which allows for taller developments and reduced parking requirements.

The meeting is planned for Monday, February 7, from 5 – 6:30 p.m. and will be held virtually. To sign up for the meeting, visit the event information. The comment period will open two hours prior to the event and will end 30 minutes after the event begins.

Feedback is welcome on the design of the proposal, but not on the zoning designation, density, housing affordability, parking requirements, or unit type or mix.