How you can support Ballard restaurants during the pandemic

Nau store coming to Fremont

According to the sign in the window, Nau will open soon in the old Sonic Boom store in Fremont. If you haven’t heard of Nau (they have one other local store at Bellevue Square), it’s a Portland-based clothing company that strives to combine trendy/outdoor fashion with social responsibility. Many of its fabrics are made from […]

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Would McPhee’s really have to close?

Since the news broke earlier this week that Ballard institution Archie McPhee’s may close its doors if a new toxic toy bill is signed, there have been a lot of questions about the bill and its impact. Would McPhee’s really have to close? What’s wrong with reducing toxicity in toys? And is the Sigmund Freud bobblehead really a toy? We asked Archie McPhee’s David Wahl some follow up questions, which follow below…

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Moisture Festival, a spring rite, celebrating 5 years

The Moisture Festival’s Comedy-Variete show is returning to Hale’s Palladium (also known as Hale’s keg warehouse) March 27-April 13. Get your tickets now, this thing sells out fast. If you haven’t been, it’s a vaudeville-esque romp of highly entertaining and sometimes bizarre performances. Each artist gets 3-15 minutes on the stage and is accompanied by a house band. Audience interaction is expected. For those of you wanting a more “mature” show, check out the burlesque shows April 3-6 at ACT – A Contemporary Theatre. The show reportedly moved there because Hale’s ownership didn’t like the risque nature of those performances.

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