Fishing pole, old car among bike rack winners

In the last hours of Ballard SeafoodFest, Sustainable Ballard announced the winners of the Ballard Bike Rack Design Contest.

Over 100 entries were submitted, many from middle school and high school students. The judges include architects, designers and the Chamber of Commerce. All are Ballard residents.

Sustainable Ballard’s Craig Benjamin (left) announced the six winners. They’ll get to see their designs built and placed around Ballard as early as September. Three of the locations are already determined, but the other three have yet to be approved. Click through below for the winning designs…

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Big turnout for Bike to Work Day

Ballard bicyclists represented this morning during Bike To Work Day. Before 7:45 a.m., volunteers had counted more than 360 cyclists going by a commute station behind Hales Ales in Frelard. No doubt the simply glorious weather – and high gas prices – probably had something to do with the big turnout. The yearly event has […]

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Bring peds, bikes to Golden Gardens Dr.

That’s what anonymously posted fliers are touting at the construction site where flooding washed out a portion of the road last December. The organizer(s) suggest the drive be turned into a one-way road for traffic going downhill, with the uphill lane converted into a bike and pedestrian path. It’s being pitched as a way to enhance bicycle […]

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