Updated apartment plans for NW Market St

Plans have been updated for an apartment development on the west side of NW Market St.

The project planned for 2501 NW Market St was previously a 7-story apartment building with 120 units, ground-level retail, and parking for 65 vehicles. The new plans are for an 8-story building with 112 units and parking for 61 vehicles. According to city records, the latest project application includes a request to rezone the parcel from Industrial Commercial to Neighborhood Commercial-3 with a Pedestrian Designation.

The apartment design plans illustrate a strong nod to the maritime community of Ballard, with three main design concepts in the early design plans. There are three concepts on the table, and all would include a residential, lobby, and commercial entrance all located along NW Market St. The parking garage and bicycle parking would be accessed from 26th Ave NW.

The apartment project is another development from J. Selig Real Estate, the same company planning a new apartment complex on the other end of Market St at the Firestone location. The architect for the 2501 NW Market St development is Mithun.

There are several other apartment projects in the works for NW Market St, most of which are on the east side of 15th Ave NW. Just east of the Firestone development, Aegis Living is planning a 5-story assisted living center. Next door, a 5-story, 229-unit apartment building is in the works, and across the street will be a 6-story apartment with 150 units and 60 to 90 parking spots in an underground garage. And finally, the KFC on NW Market St will be torn down to make way for another 5-story apartment complex with 86 small efficiency dwelling units.

The project site is currently a vacant lot, which has been used mainly as a storage area for the boatyard across the street on the south side of the property line. Prior to the current development plan, the lot was slated to become a 6-story senior housing facility called Living Care Lifestyles. Those plans morphed late last year when the latest apartment project plans emerged from J. Selig Real Estate.

Comments on the rezoning efforts may be submitted through August 23. This comment period may be the only opportunity to comment on the environmental impacts of this proposal. Written comments are encouraged and should be submitted by email to: PRC@seattle.gov or regular mail to: Department of Construction & Inspections ATTN: Public Resource Center, PO Box 34019, Seattle, WA 98124-4019.

Commenters providing an email address or return US mail address will be sent notice of any public meetings or hearings and notice of the SDCI decision with information on the right to appeal. All correspondence will be posted to the SDCI’s electronic library.